I’m glad you stopped by. I am a passionate guy and this blog reflects that. I seek to be a radical follower of Jesus. This leads me into a never dull, adventurous life with people on ‘the margins’. I find inspiration from the heroic souls who struggle on in our inner-city. Life with my friends, is full of joy and laughter and disapointment and tears! I think I’m living the abundant life. I suggest you’buckle up’ for a bumpy ride. I encourage you to subscribe and comment on posts. I hope we can have a conversation. You can email me at streethopesj@gmail.com


I have served with Threshold Ministries since 1980. My early years were spent in First Nations Communities across Canada. In 2000 I moved to Saint John to head the Evangelism Studies Department of Taylor College. In 2004 , with my wife Linda, I planted Up Town Church. We describe ourselves as ‘an honest accepting community of broken people, who are experiencing the Father’s love, finding wholeness in Christ and performing acts of kindness in the power of the Holy Spirit.’ In 2012 we are launching Street Hope which is a natural outgrowth of Up Town. Readers of this blog will be able to follow the development of this venture and have a unique ‘inside look’ at what God is doing on our streets.

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