Riding Hood and the Good News of the Kingdom

Lately I have been thinking quite a bit about sheep, and not because of insomnia.  I have am privileged to serve in two very different ‘worlds’ and these ‘worlds’ have been colliding! One ‘world’ is the world of the gritty inner-city Bible Study I lead three mornings a week. The other is the more bucolic […]

What if they held a war and no one showed up?

I’m a conscientious objector! Several folks have tried to enlist me in the culture wars and I am adamantly refusing. Some want to sign me up in defense of Christmas. They demand the right to say “Merry Christmas” and invoke the phrase of keeping Christ in Christmas. I must admit that I have never been […]

The Power of Random Acts of Kindness

Years ago I was the recipient of a random act of kindness which may have proved one of the determining factors of my life’s course. My Aunt Hazel, who was my grandmother’s step sister, gave me a book for Christmas. I don’t remember how old I was, perhaps 7 or 8, but I had started […]

A Quiet Life

A couple of weeks ago  I was invited to lead a service and preach at a little country church, I have come to love. One of the prayers spoke of living a quiet and peaceable life. As the words passed my lips, I started a long ponder about “a quiet life”. The ponder has continued […]

Ever Shrinking Legacy

As a young school boy, I began a lifelong fascination with Alexander the Great. I was bored with whatever my teacher was expounding on (probably mathematics which remain a mystery to me yet today) but out of boredom, I snuck a volume of the Encyclopedia Britannica off a nearby shelf. I soon found myself engrossed […]

On Being Late

I hate being late. I think I got this from my mother. The only time I remember her being late for something was at her own interment. The minister turned to me and said “Where are the ashes?” No one in the family had thought to stop by the cemetery office and pick them up. […]

Authority: Someone who knows what they are talking about.

He had taught about: how to lead a happy and blessed life, how to live a life of rich relationship with God and man, how to actively love, how to pray, how to live unburdened by care, how to live a life of freedom and forgiveness, and how to live a life that makes a […]